Voice Newspapers Deadlines and Specifications


EGN booking deadline: Monday 5pm for Saturday edition
Cancellation: Monday noon for Saturday edition
Complete EGN material deadline: Tuesday 5pm

Preferred format of complete ads is PDF, with all fonts embedded and @ no less than 200 dpi.
Or as a complete graphics file in JPG or similar format at min 200 dpi
Complete artwork can be sent to:
[email protected]

or via Quickcut – search for Perth Voice
or via Adsend


Column Measurements

1 column 34mm
2 column 72mm
3 column 110mm
4 column 148mm
5 column 186mm
6 column 224mm
7 column 262mm
8 column N/A 262mm

Full page size: 400mm x 7 columns (262mm wide)
Centre spread with bleed through the gutter maximum image area 400mm x 550mm wide


Technical specifications check list

Below are some points to remember prior to saving your material as a PDF file:
All placed elements MUST be CMYK or Grayscale
All placed elements must be a minimum of 200 dpi
GCR is recommended with a Total Ink Density of 240%
Black Ink Limit 80% and allow for 30% Dot Gain
Four colour white reverse type to be a minimum of 12pt
Single colour white reverse type to be a minimum of 7pt
All fonts MUST be embedded (includes base 14)
Use only Postcript Type 1 fonts
Screen Ruling is 100 Lines/inch
Turn off all colour management in Photoshop
Your PDF must be Version 1.3 when distilled
If possible flight-check your PDF using Pit-Stop


Photoshop settings

To achieve the best reproduction of your images we can email you a Photoshop Color Settings File (.csf). Place this into your: System Folder –> Application Support –> Color –> Settings. Then under the Edit menu go down to color settings.

Working Spaces
Settings: Colourpress News Table
RGB: Color-Match
CMYK: Colourpress News Table
Gray: Grey Gamma 1.8
Spot: Dot Gain 30%
Color Management Policies – All OFF
Profile Mismatches: Click on Ask When Opening

To load the able on the images change colour spaces from CMYK to RGB to CMYK. When finished using the Colourpress ink settings change Photoshop back to its default for your normal day to day operation.

Acrobat Distiller job options:
The job options file can be emailed upon request so your files can be distilled with the optimum settings for your PDF file. To make them appear in the pop up window place them in the job options folder inside Distiller. Always embed base 14 fonts.

Black Overprint:
Our Rips are set to automatically overprint 100% black. If you require black to knockout set it to do so and make it 99.9%

Colour Management:
Our Rips do not support colour management and any ICC profiles that are embedded will be removed. All colour spaces such as RGB, LAB, etc will be automatically converted to CMYK.

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