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The Echo Newspaper was founded on the 5th August 1985. It was produced in response to the needs of local business people who believed that the Community Newspaper was not representative of a local newspaper.

The Echo  is a more reader friendly newspaper which is consistent in terms of layout and features and has become the preferred advertising medium for local businesses. With a circulation that covers the City of Swan and shires of Mundaring and Kalamunda, the Echo reaches a mix of suburban and country areas. This includes both city commerce and agriculture throughout the Swan Valley.

Not only do they have the widest circulation in the area, the Echo also has the highest readership.
The Echo is proud of its standards and they realise their paper goes into homes uninvited. With this in mind, they have refused the lucrative market of risqué “personal” classifieds.

The preferred delivery method is direct to householder’s letterboxes. They are delivered with military precision by PMP Distribution every Saturday. Delivery is audited by Circulations Audit Board (CAB) an independent audit bureau which is the industry standard in Australia for free publications.

As all pages of the Echo are aimed at attracting readership, demand for papers is high. With new projects such as the Midland Redevelopment Authority attracting more homeowners to the area, demand will continue to grow in the coming years.

   Circulation 60,234*
   Total Readership 75,898
   Gender  Male 35,172 Female 40,726

 14-29: 6,296

 30-39: 12,799

 40-49: 14,870

 50-59: 16,924

 60-69: 15,906

 70+: 9,104 

 *CAB Circulation figures (March 2014). AMI (Australian Market Intelligence) readership figures (August 2006).